Week 10 MKE

It is incredible what happens when we fill our "subby" with positive things and always see your dremas around you, listening your own voice telling myself where, what an how focus in. As I am a red, my mind must analyze and find a logic answer for everything, now I realize that all is possilbe, … Sigue leyendo Week 10 MKE

Week 9 MKE

This week has been so inspiring, things are just appering in front of my "eyes" and everything has begun to make sense. First of all, the powerful phrase from the Scroll 2 "I salute this day with love in my heart...", and the words to myself to declare to the world, "I am whole, perfect, … Sigue leyendo Week 9 MKE

Week 6 MKE

At this moment I have been reading, making the exercises and understanding what is going on with this process, all the information I´ve got is changing habits and as much as I give, that much I receive. However, I still have issues to organize my time, attending the businesses, making the poster, reading all the … Sigue leyendo Week 6 MKE


Crazy week, at the beginning of this, I almost leave the process, I felt angry, I could not understand this felling, Mariana (my daughter) whom has already finish the process, talk to me, she told me that is perfectly normal, as a red personality I´m still fighting again my resistance, as part of this fight, … Sigue leyendo WEEK 5 MKE