MKE – Week 17 HJ something more

i deserve all good I deserve everything good. Absolutely everything good. Now I leave behind all negative and limiting thoughts. Abandonment and neglect the limitations of my parents. I love them and go beyond them. I am their positive opinions and beliefs abundant. I let go fears or prejudices of the society in which they … Sigue leyendo MKE – Week 17 HJ something more

MKE – Week 17 HJ

Another analogy These last days have been incredible. A lot of things have been revealed in front of me, now I'm facing the real me After doing "my sit", relax and concentrate I can see "growing the flower from a seed," light has arrived: The analogy in the phrase: I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, … Sigue leyendo MKE – Week 17 HJ

Week 10 MKE

It is incredible what happens when we fill our "subby" with positive things and always see your dremas around you, listening your own voice telling myself where, what an how focus in. As I am a red, my mind must analyze and find a logic answer for everything, now I realize that all is possilbe, … Sigue leyendo Week 10 MKE