Week 16-1 MKE

PEPE'S story  Pepe was the kind of guy you´d love to be. He was always in a good mood and always had something positive to say. When someone asked him how he was, he replied: '' If you could be better, I'd have a twin. ''  It was a unique manager because he had several … Sigue leyendo Week 16-1 MKE

Week 16 MKE

There are several universal languages, such as music, painting, sculpture, in this case images (video), no need to understand the dialog, KINDNESS is a universal language https://youtu.be/RdYjxGmEGbM Kindness Thank you

Week 10 MKE

It is incredible what happens when we fill our "subby" with positive things and always see your dremas around you, listening your own voice telling myself where, what an how focus in. As I am a red, my mind must analyze and find a logic answer for everything, now I realize that all is possilbe, … Sigue leyendo Week 10 MKE